Fostering Ecotones

Katia Simas (Diploma Project)
Betreuer*in: Univ.-Prof. Díaz Moreno und García Grinda
Architekturentwurf 1

Fostering Ecotones incorporates ecologic thinking in the process of design to investigate a holistic view on infrastructure systems, exploring how a relational model of infrastructural agency and ecological relationships could foster new spatial and social arrangements in the urban fabric. It illustrates how the design of a more permeable urban habitat could collaborate to a less segregated city that provides opportunities for healthier socio-ecological relationships.

Exploring the gradient space between habitats, this prototype consists of a decentralized infiltration system on the outskirts of Brasilia, Brazil. It links the water bodies to the urban fabric through a series of ponds and garden spaces that penetrate through streets and dwellings, turning the agency of the infrastructural performance into a collective effort and transforming the atmosphere of our daily lives.