Nessa Heschmat (Diploma Project)
Betreuer: Univ.-Prof. Stefan Diez
Departments, Industrial Design 1, Institute of Design


Undermining the common concept of design as a beautiful shape that solves a functional problem through innovation, the conical vessel (a plate, a bowl) is neither practical nor convenient: one of the simplest functions, namely to arrange or store food on a decorative surface is only fulfilled by skilful arranging, because when it is used, the container gets out of balance and is only brought into balance by the user through sensitive, patient balancing. It works, but only the even distribution of weight enables stability.

“THE BALANCED MEAL” is not illustrated by a perfectly composed meal, as the title suggests, but by the nature of the dishes from which the food is consumed: the balancing act with the conical vessel seems almost impossible, but it is. Balance can be reached by skilful filling and eating from the dish, it literally acquires balance through the object, balance that is acquirable. A “design object” that is simultaneously a game of patience and skill it is used as an actual bowl for nourishment that also points out social challenges: on the one hand the balance of situations sought by people, on the other hand the absurd counterplay that follows the rules of the market.

A simple bowl as a “design object”, which is advertised with a humorous cooking show staged in a (QVC) teleshopping style, illustrates the complexity of balance as a necessary ideal, but also as a trend determined by economic interests, for consumers in search of perfection.

Arthur Höfinger Benjamin Paya Clara Dopplinger Ethan Vincent Jan Jancik Lucas Schmidt Mario Brandstetter Michael Doberer Marijana Pusic Peter Prima Wolfgang Tragseiler