Blink of an Eye

Auguste Marceau (Diploma Project)
Betreuerin: Univ.-Prof. Gabriele Rothemann
Departments, Photography, Institute of Fine Arts and Media Art

Auguste Marceau translates memories and sensations into sculptural elements. He groups the eight multimedia objects developed for his diploma thesis Blink of an Eye into an octagon in the middle of an exhibition space. The distance between the sculptures allows a view of the light-flooded interior. The vertical beam of light in the centre unites the various artistic contents and at the same time emphasises the original meaning of light and photography. Blink of an Eye is an inner journey through time. The optical device offers a logical timeline in which the viewer can follow a scenario embed in past, present and future where all are linked and talk to one another. Blink of an Eye is a time device where the 4th dimension is used as a narrative tool and where each can make up its own story based on its relation and experience with the variety of materials presented.

Bildende Kunst : Fotografie Gabriele Rothemann