Celebrations: A table for one or a table of one’s own.

Ramiro Wong (Bachelor Thesis)
Betreuerin: VAss Nita Tandon
Departments, Institute of Fine Arts and Media Art, TransArts

Excuse my French but I’ll tell you a story, I’ll tell you a story about loud Americans and lazy African Americans, and how the latter are more prone to crime. A story about stingy Jews and terrorist Muslims, about weak homosexuals and emotional women; about angry Arabs, smelly Pakistanis and Indians, dirty Mexicans, greasy Hispanic people and all kinds of tasteless poor folk like the Argentinians who love steak but can barely afford it these days. I’ll tell you a story about how Germans drink a lot but not as much as the Irish or the Scottish (who also share this characteristic with the Indians); I’ll tell you about the hula dancers in Hawaii, all the gambling in Thailand and the swindlers in Southeast Asia. I’ll tell you about a country named Africa and the savages, nudes and pagans that live there. I’ll tell you a story about us all, ‘cause we all have told these stories, and while the stories, and the people they are referring to may change, the odds are that we are not going to, not for all the tea in China.