#selfcompetenceselfie 16.6.2020

Margareta Klose (Master Thesis)
Betreuer*in: VAss Nita Tandon, Univ.-Lekt. Franz Thalmair
Departments, Institute of Fine Arts and Media Art, Transmedia Art

#selfcompetenceselfie 16.6.2020 is an automatic Zoom Recording

of my Master Performance of a Rehearsal on Zoom

stable internet connection – Zoom, Smartphones, Tablets; Nina André, Pascale Maxime Ballieul, Vivienne Causemann, Stefan-Manuel Eggenweber, Paulina Krasser, Marlene Lahmer, Julian Siffert, Ramiro Wong

16.6.2020 2.30 pm ID: 996 3406 9871 Password: 467836

Practicing drag in a dancing loop:


10 steps against face detection

Hide your nose. Hide your splendid forehead. Hide your mouth. Hide your ears. Paint new eyebrows. Cover your hair. Keep moving. Keep dancing. ZOOM. Think of the horror movie Eyes without A Face.


While spinning to the left, in the direction of our hearts, like dervishes,

holding our Smartphones vertically, being framed horizontally on the Zoom-App,

we’ll repeat 10 self-competence terms, recorded in Zoom’s virtual meeting room.



Self-Reflection Self-Development Capacity Responsibility Commitment Performance Initiative Creativity Innovation Transfer

#selfcompetenceselfie 16.6.2020