“Soft Self”

Lara Erel (Diploma Project)
Betreuer: Univ.-Prof. Jan Svenungsson
Departments, Graphics and Printmaking, Institute of Fine Arts and Media Art

I never thought about my own body until there was this aha moment. Why did I have so little knowledge and curiosity about it? When trying to understand what it means to have a body, I had to simplify my problem and reduce it to some of its central characteristics: being light-skinned and female. Female. What does it mean for me to have a female body and how do I look at it and perceive it?

And so, I started to investigate and observe my own body experience. My first artistic trial was the sculptural series “Invasion” in 2019, where I depicted my arms, my legs, my breasts, my vulva. Do these body parts define my womanhood? For whose eyes? The more I ponder what it means to have a body, the more I fall into an abyss of doubts, questions and frustrations. Some of them I have addressed in my diploma.

Full text (and sketches) in the link below

Link to my exhibition documentation

A video tour of my diploma exhibition