Digital Design and Full Scale Fabrication ‘20

Redefining Archetypical Geometry through Virtual Sculpting and Ceramics 3D Printing

〔29.6.〕 – 〔2.7.〕  11:00-20:00
3. OG, Brücke
at the university
Andrei Gheorghe, Jan Kovaricek, Efilena Baseta, Fei Lang, Viktoria Tudzharova und Studierende (Sepideh Sarpishehgi, Joseph Cook, Zhiyi Zhang, Miriam Löscher, Kaveh Chehri, Ibrahim Dusmukhamedov, Raffael Stegfellner, Benedikt Schambeck, Patricia Vraber, Xavier Madden, Nathaniel Loretz, Yiting Yang, Jonas Maderstorfer, Serge Delire, Kyle Koops, Anni Dai, Ebrar Eke, Yannik Kaiser, Chenke Zhang, Olga Philippova)

Using the architectural archetype of a column, new, digital, experimental design methods and concepts are explored. First, spatial structures were developed by means of the plug-in Karamba and divided into orthogonal voxels using the software Topos. Fologram was subsequently employed to adapt the geometry in a subarea and to analyse it statically and constructively. The optimised geometry was printed on a ceramic 3D printer and fired.

29.06., 18:00 Introduction by Andrei Gheorghe and students